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Originally Posted by tedder
I mean, it only 'sticks' when I view the thread, not when I come back to catch up on the thread, right?
I'm not sure what you mean. Can you clarify the difference between viewing and catching up on a thread?

Let's say you've checked the checkbox on page one of the Runnin' Home - Tierra Del Fuego thread and you've read all the subsequent pages. The DeCrufter should be working its magic on all of those following pages.

However, let's say you've also subscribed to the same thread, and you click on to see the newest posts. The DeCrufter will not touch the first page because the query string will look something like this:

Unfortunately, when you click for the next page (if there is one), the DeCrufter will fire off because the query string will be like this:

The "t=" vs "p=" makes all the difference.

Sorry if this caused anyone's eyes to glaze over at the nitty-gritty details, but hey, it's my thread and I post what I want.
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