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Originally Posted by nowgrn4

You said you want the MG sound.Check it out's the bottom product listed on the page.19" Quiet core.

Yes, it's LOUD without any disks.

What color are your plugs running now ?Any Air box mods?
I'll have to pull the plugs and check.. This is awesome!! I'll probably go for this pipe..

By the way, here are the mods that I bought my bike with:

Hyperpro springs front and back
The Brake Fluid is DOT5 Silicone
The Air Filter is k&N and the Airbox Cover is drilled
the Crash Guards are Hepco and Becker
The seat base is original. The actual seat is Rick Meyer
The rear Wheel is Buchanans Custom with HD Spokes offset 5mm to the left to accomodate larger back tire.
The Mirrors are Napoleon.
One of the Horns was replaced with an Automotive Fiamm (The Left one) because the original died.
The Mid Exhaust is a custom made stainless piece.
The Muffler is original but the core is drilled with 1/2" drillbit in 3-4 places making it much more free flowing.
The Petcocks are manual instead of the original electric ones(gave you original parts).
The "Outsider piece drops the Sump and relocates the oil filter outside the sump. The Outsider is sold by Harpers Motoguzzi.
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