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I had an '01 SV650N. It was a great bike for pretty much everything except long distance touring (in stock form anyway).

I have an '03 B12S now and wouldn't go back. Other than the sound of the SV with a 2-Bros exhaust, the Bandit is more fun at everything for me.

$3500 for a 1st gen SV is way too much, btw.

Originally Posted by alwayssummer
Very helpful thread... I came across this bike and even though it's bigger than what I planned I thought it wasn't a bad deal. Maybe it's apples and oranges, but I'm trying to decide between this and an 02 SV650 that the seller wants $3500 for. This one's cheaper, but the SV650 is a nice ride and it feels like it has much better brakes. Anyway...

Any thoughts on this steed? What do you think of the price?

Seems like everyone here rides newer ones. Any thoughts on the earlier models?
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