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Originally Posted by alwayssummer
Very helpful thread... I came across this bike and even though it's bigger than what I planned I thought it wasn't a bad deal. Maybe it's apples and oranges, but I'm trying to decide between this and an 02 SV650 that the seller wants $3500 for. This one's cheaper, but the SV650 is a nice ride and it feels like it has much better brakes. Anyway...

Any thoughts on this steed? What do you think of the price?

Seems like everyone here rides newer ones. Any thoughts on the earlier models?
This one looks really good to me for a few reasons. It appears to be completely stock. Which should mean that is wasn't a stunt bike and hasn't been hot rodded. The engine guards tend to reinforce that impression.
It has some miles, which probably means that it didn't sit for too long, but not so many that I would be concerned about it. The air/oil cooled Suzuki engines are good for 100k with proper maintenance.
The price is reasonable for the age and mileage as long as the tires and chain are OK.
If you like red, go for it. Just plan on adjusting the valves for peace of mind and flushing brake and clutch fluid.
The newer Bandits will give you fuel injection and ABS but there is nothing wrong with the older ones. Just stay away from the '01 are some of them burn oil...
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