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I saw Stick Me off to work(sucks) and actually got the ATK started. Took a bit o' doing since this is the second time I've hadta kick this bike into life. :hotandsweatyafterkickingfor10min Rode right past a cop on the way out to the little patch of desert. Not even a wave.

So what IS the ticket for riding a dirt-only bike on the streets?

I managed to get to a gate with a 'no motorized vehicle' sign, so I hopped into a housing dev. and went around that section.

Kept looking behind me for Johnny Law. Luckily, I didn't see him! Also luckily, there's a little trail of sorts next to the roads out here.

As I was riding down the bicycle lane hoping and praying for that section of dirt to start, I noticed it was getting a wee bit on the dark side.

Hmmm maybe I should turn back now?

Nah I'll keep going on a short loop.

Y'know, its MUCH easier to see whatcher doin in daylight.

I managed to get home with only one slight mishap with a curb. Hope I didn't ding my rim! No, I haven't looked.

Observations: its MUCH easier to ride this bike in the dirt than the GS

This seat is HARD

Its MUCH easier to ride when you can see

Did I mention the seat's hard?

Sand's not as big an issue on a lighter bike. GS =

Woulda been nice to be able to see

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