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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
With bolts.

Because the instructions said so.

Because ATK's first motorcycle was actually a frame kit for the XL/XR600. You supplied an engine, maybe the wheels and maybe the forks, though they usually ended up with KTM parts.

That is the best one I've recently seen. Where are you? Was this the one that was on eBay? Midwest? I wouldn't mind having one of those someday. That was Horst Leitner's first complete creation.

Gummee: technically speaking, the ATK you/I have isn't a real (Leitner) ATK. The last real ATKs were pre-1994. The easiest way to spot a Horst Leitner ATK is the rear disk brake being on the engine. Lots of innovation on those early bikes. I think his best creation was the 406. I need to get me one of those.

Photos & history here:
I had a buddy that rode the wheels off some AMP bicycles 'back when.' I don't remember how many frames he broke. Horst never did like that. After a while, he stopped sending new ones.

Some of what Horst thunk up: the link that Specialized still uses, etc. are way nifty. The disc on the engine?

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