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Yes, that was mine on eBay. I'm in Flint Mich. winning bidder drove up from Cleveland Ohio. Bike went off at $2,376.00. I thought, I would be lucky to get 1750. I was really just hoping to cover the $1,200.00 in receipts I had from the last rebuild. Thanks for the kind words.

As to the how, it was a kit that ATK offered back in the day. The kit used the engine, forks, wheels and brakes from your own XR, then the frame, swingarm, rear shock,and body work from ATK. You could actually have bought one from ATK with the Honda mill in it. Motocross Action did a write up in 87, gave it rave reviews.

Now for the why, in the late 1980's, I was racing Hare Scrambles, in AMA District 14, I was racing my 1986 XR600R. It was heavy and I was looking to put it on a diet. A hard get off, had sent the XR on a long series of endos, that resulted in a bent rear frame section. The frame was straitened, and the bike was ridable, but it was always in the back of my mind.
I always wanted an ATK, but was never a fan of the Rotax. I absolutely hated the left hand kick start, I had a 1976 Husky CR250 and never liked the LH kick. Add to that the fact that I seem to fall allot, and getting a big thumper, to clear and fire, after a fall, is hard enough, without finding suitable footing on the side of the bike (where you won't get run over by the guys passing you). You guys without E start, know what I'm talking about, the Rotax of the day had you looking through a peep hole on the side of the rocker box, to see a small white mrk come up, to find TDC, then try and just pass that, and kick the hell out of it. If it doesn't fire do it all over again, in a 29" wide trail, through the trees, with every hotshoe blowing past you.
Anyways, the kit allowed me to keep my trusty XR6 motor, and lose weight too.
I built it 1989, rebuilt in 2005. During the rebuild my wife bought me a 2006 CRF450R, after riding that I knew I would never spend much time on the 600 again. I let it sit in the back of the garage, for a few years, then just started cleaning out the garage. Just too much stuff sitting around. I know I'll miss it, but thats life.
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