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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
With bolts.

Gummee: technically speaking, the ATK you/I have isn't a real (Leitner) ATK. The last real ATKs were pre-1994. The easiest way to spot a Horst Leitner ATK is the rear disk brake being on the engine. Lots of innovation on those early bikes. I think his best creation was the 406. I need to get me one of those.
I sold my 1993 406 last year. I gave up trying to licence it for the road so I wouldn't have to trailer it out to the riding areas. Somebody up in the interior of BC has his licenced though and it looks sweet. I loved that machine! I'm not sure who it was built for though. I'm like 6'5" and it's a tall bike, I think you could just about squeeze a honda civic under the skid plate. The height of that thing made going over logs idiot proof. It was bloody fast too but oh so friggin loud!

-Gummee! the rear brake was a very tiny disc brake on the same shaft as the counter sprocket. As small as it was it worked very well and cut down on the unsprung weight at the rear wheel and was nearly impossible to damage where it was.

And since you're having a hard time kicking yours, mine kicked over easier when I tipped it over until gas came out the overflow on the carb, then stand it up and it went in the first 3 kicks everytime. YMMV
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