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Originally Posted by snoid
cool ideee fer a game... i just don't have the photo gear to make it happen, though. do know of some great ghost towns and kingfisher county is positively littered with gorgeous old box iron bridges.

see, i live and love this monastic life of mine. no cellphones, no internets('cept at work), no speedvision(just oeta's movie club).... hell, my computer at home hasn't been turned on in ten years.

i do have tons of photo gear. i was a photog back in the dark days before digital. sadly, it's all analog, big neg stuff.

like this.

Hey Blake. Ole slow pay here... Nice camera.

I've been thinking about turning my 11 year old loose with one of my old Canon 35mm's. They're not worth anything anymore. But I got to wondering, I bet film is scarce, and expensive now.
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