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Originally Posted by 800rider
Um someone has sent me 2 packages that are actually for DRMaiden and England2 please post adress detail so I can rederect o and how can I pick u up on way through to track day Maiden if I cant find your bike ( arr I mean you )

Edd, good that means I get a head start once I get addresses
PS try speaking to your week, tell it that its going to be good no matter what, you now all that positive stuff and that ( $50 please for advice)
I take it you didn't get the addresses...

morning to the rest or as they said in Ireland, top of the morning to ya.

I am now really suffering without the bike. I have no backup anymore. At some stage I had a Vara and a TA at the same time - did I have problems deciding which one to ride. Now I am just looking at a unfinished project... I cleaned the garage yesterday (found some long lost tools) but the whole weekend the weather was perfect for riding - it was murderous on my soul.

Remember, 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul...
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