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i have yet more xl600 goodness:

i rode out to an enduro weekend and my xl was the only bike competing that had not come on a trailer. it didnt do too badly either and although i weigh less than half of what the bike does i had no trouble dodging the trees through the enduro course. but i only managed 5 laps before my tiny arms fell off.

on the 70minute highway journey home i thanked my lucky stars that i own what must be the ultimate allround motorcycle ever, no doubt seeing as a complete amateur can put a new clutch in without much trouble and then immediately ride 100ks out and flog it all weekend and then ride back home without a problem. let alone a bike thats over 20years old and cost less than 2500aud.

id like to see a 20 year old and cheaper than 2500aud thats not an xl do that. and if you can find one, then ask if it would stand up to a trip like the one i did cruising at 110kph for 8hours a day for several weeks! i dont think so.........
- Charlie
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