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It's a short cut, really
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Maybe a different explanation (or a different Ray) can help (I'm a Mac guy so watch out...but still it should be mostly the same)

When you go to "direct link" in photobucket the URL (Uniform Resource Locator....that helped didn't it) gets highlighted. Depending on the application you are running it might or might not actually get copied.

To insure you "copy" this URL hit CNTRL plus "C" on your keyboard...or take the mouse up to the top to "Edit" and click on "Copy" when that menu pulls down.

Then go into the post you're writing, click on the yellow mountains a small box will open and ask you to insert the URL - hit CTRL plus "V" to paste the URL (that you copied from photobucket) into the little box.....or go back up to EDIT with the mouse and select PASTE when the menu pulls down this time. You should, in either case, see a lot of information appear in the box.

A caution here. The little box that opens with the yellow mountain icon alread has "http://" inside it. When you copy the URL from photobuck it will ALSO have the "http" at the beginning. If you just paste it into the box you might end up with two and your message will look like this:


(note that there are two (2) "http" in this)

If this happens, you won't get an image. All you have to do is delete on of the "http"

Your message should look something like this: (without the underlining and there will be [IMG] at the start and [/IMG] at the end. I can't put them in because then you can't see the actual way it looks in the text because it always results in the image below.

.....and then when you post it you see this:

.....whoops....wrong bike....

Hopefully this will help. It's not the computer so binning it isn't the answer. We'll get you through it, never fear.

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