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It's a short cut, really
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when I click on the direct link box under the photo the one that turns blue this is the URL I need is that right and if it is I ca,nt read all of it how do I make it bigger so I can read the full line,

The magic of don't HAVE to see the whole line to copy it....the computer knows what's there and will copy the entire part it needs.

Making it blue is called "highlighting"

The most difficult thing for craftsmen who work with their hands is understanding how sensitive the keyboard and mouse is. If you have a laptop, it's even worse. At first you have to be very slow and deliberate and do each step slowly.

I've been teaching my firemen how to use a laptop so I understand when you want to just break the thing in half. My guys can break anything, cars, doors, walls, elevators (lifts),roofs, a little plastic box doesn't stand a chance....but you don't want to let it beat you.
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