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Originally Posted by Mercury264
I wouldnt be in the least bit surprised to see him wearing all white next year.....
Leeds? highly doubtful

Originally Posted by Mercury264
Ronaldo needs to take a leaf out of Rooney's book. Hard as nails and he can dish it out as well as take it but most (all ?) of the time he just gets the fuck on with it.
Rooney can be a stroppy bastard as well, but I think he's added a whole new dimension to his game since playing/training alongside Ronaldo.

He used to be like a bull in a China shop coming and going. Now he seems to play smarter going forward and breaks faster into some great defense stretching positions, and can finish with either a rocket or the deftest of touches ...he's still a lumbering Shrek looking oaf about to fell a forest with his tackles from behind though, but there's no denying he has heart
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