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Poor Man Uraling the U.S.A.

Ok, I'm already a day behind schedule but I need to make some attempt to make this official. Here's the plan. I'm going to take off tomorrow with the 2007 Ural Patrol from my home in Northern NY, up near the Canadian border, and travel first to Front Royal Virginia and get on the Skyline Drive and then the Blue Ridge Parkway. This will take me down to Cherokee North Carolina. From there my destination will be the Barber Vintage Museum in Birmingham Alabama and then mosy west to Arkansas and then to my brother's place in Missouri. If I survive that I'll head further west to Utah, checking out the national parks and head north through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana before heading west again to Washington, Oregon, and California. This will entail staying in a tent almost every night and getting my eats from the grocery store. Why? Because I can't afford to stay in motels and eat in restaurants and do the jouney of a lifetime. How might this be a problem??

This was a picture I took in front of my house 6 days ago

Doesn't look like nice motorcycle and camping weather does it??

So, in the last couple days it's warmed up some from our normal 25F nights to about 55F each day. Been doing some maintenance on the bike including lubing the shaft splines, torquing the head bolts, adjusting the valves, changing the fluids out, installing the windshield, and attempting to get everything sorted and packed away.

I also did this a couple days ago:
**Warning to Mr. Cob: if you might be viewing this report** Please, I don't want to be responsible for your mental well being so please close your eyes and scroll to the bottom of the page!!!!!!!!! This is not a test, it's the real thing!!!

So, with that done I lined up some of my luggage I'll be taking.

Everything from my tent, sleeping bag, self-inflating foam pad, ammo boxes, waterproof bags, laptop, stove, lantern, gas can, and tank bag. I think that's a good start but who knows what's going to be needed on a trip like this??

So, you probably thought I was showing you my starting mileage but no, I was showing you my nice manicure. See??

But, since it shows my starting mileage of 13,515 we'll go ahead and make the official.

In my quest to come into the technological hayday I figured out how to do a time delay picture. Don't laugh, this was a major accomplishment for me. I'm a techno dunce

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