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So after seeing my self portrait via digital camera I'm having 2nd thoughts about my route. I think I should stop at the Ford Modeling Agency in NYC because I'm sure they have the wisdom to sign me as one of their models for a stupendous salary. I won't be poor any more. Living the rich life hobknobing with the well to do. Ok, I agree. For my fellow ADV riders I'll stick to the original plans of tenting and sandwiches. No big city life for me. Actually, since I live in a small town any big city is intimidating. I like the slow and backcountry life.

So, my next plan of action was to figure out how my tent was erected. I used it last time two years ago on my trip from Northern NY through Vermont, to the top of Mount Washingtin, NH, across to Bar Harbor, Maine, took "The Cat" ferry to Yarmouth, Novia Scotia and stopped to see Lutz and the Halifax Ural dealership. I also met Craig from Prince Edward Island that contributes a lot to the Ural community.
L to R Craig, Lutz, Me, Gary (I think a diet is in order)

I then went north to New Brunswick and then west back home. 2,200 miles and never had a problem for 1 second.

Back to the tent thing. Of course I no longer had the directions. And 2 years is well beyond my memory expiration date so here I am.

So does A connect to B or was that C connects to D or was it the shin bone connects to the ankle bone or, never mind, for once the grey cells won out and the results of my efforts are well documented.

So anyways I'm trying to figure out how the fly attaches over the tent. The wind is blowing it around every time I make an attempt at positioning it. I have it on the ground with one knee holding it down and out of the corner of my eye about 2 inches from the side of my face is this character.

He scared the bejeebes out of me. Never heard the dog come up from behind. Stood there like, "whatcha lookin at?" I jumped back and the dog starts running around like it's play time. I like to be the source of entertainment but I really didn't want to have a heart attack before my big ride. Once I rubbed his back we were now friends and all was well.

After my blood pressure leveled off I completed my task. I should have been an engineer I'm so brilliant. I'm not going admit that the package of tent stakes is somewhere underneath the tent. No, I'll never admit to that stupidity....And there were no witnesses, so it didn't happen..

Just a sad note on the next pic... I'm kind of a neophyte on the big ride report. Actually this is the only ride report I've ever done. No ADV sticker to prove I'm worthy. Tonight I'll pray to the ADV god for safe passage anyways. I hope, as internet connects allow, to update this ride so anyone interested can take a hack seat with me. It's truely an exciting time to think of doing what will probably be the only time in my life to do such a memorable trip seeing the sights, and more importantly, making friends across our wonderful country.

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