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While thermal range for a given piece of gear can be very subjective, is there enough feedback on the Infinity to put any numbers to the thermal range that riders have experienced being comfortable with the suit?

Pre-manufacture (back in 2006) the Rev'iT Infinity introduction thread indicated that at speed the four direct chest vents (this was prototype), along with the climate change membrane would provide excellent thermal characteristics.

With the changes from prototype to production and the apparent chest vent changes what have users reported as workable with this four season piece of gear?

How well does the climate change membrane and venting work both from the perspective of keeping you warm in the cold (for those of us who ride when it gets down to 20F) and cool in the heat? (The ever present problem of leaving when it is 29F when you go to work, and nearly 64 when heading home comes to mind, a situation I've seen all too often in the past several weeks.)

To put the inquiry into perspective, I'm currently using a pair of Kelvin gloves that on an naked sports bike without heated grips or other hand protectors to deflect the wind are comfortable down to ~38F (without pre-heating them) for a 45-60minute commute at 55-65mph. I have (with a thin liner glove inside them) used them down to 14F ... but the 45minute trip in left my fingers uncomfortably cold. When much below that upper 30's number I'll put them between two hot water bottles to juice up the PCM and 'pre-warm' them and that will get me in to work. So, from my experience I'd say that the Kelvin gloves have a comfortable thermal range from 38F-75F for extended trips (over an hour). And that with liners, and other tools that they can get into the 20's for short trips of no more than an hour.

Thanks again for the information!
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