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Originally Posted by BikePilot
There is no benefit of the doubt when you are on the wrong side of the road and there's a vehicle in the other lane! I don't care if people cross the strips when there's no one else coming the other way (and they are able to ascertain that ahead of time), but this looks just plain foolish. Not to mention there's little reason to be going so friggen slow

What if the sport bike rider were equally inept? There would have been a major accident. Thank goodness Mr. sportbike is holding a tight line (or adjusted to one when he realized this thing was in his lane).

About the only "justifiable" reason I can think of is if the GS rider were able to note the sport bike's tight line early on, then decided to pass a slow rider in front of him in this manner, even then that's a bit aggressive and doesn't leave much room for error. I'm all for going around slow riders, but not when someone else is coming the other direction.

For the folks saying its ok, give him the benefit of the doubt etc - what would you have said if it were a sport bike upright on the wrong side of the road and a GS holding a tight inside line? I'm fairly certain this would be a huge rant about squids etc with none of this ballanced talk :lol
That's all fine and dandy, but I'd be willing to bet that this picture was at a very bad moment in his riding. With all his gear and accessories (and the ADV sticker heh) I think it's safe to assume that the guy has some decent seat-time. Of course, he could be a total poseur and be fooling us all! But the odds are in his favor.

None of us were there and we shouldn't pass blind judgment.

Sometimes a funny picture is just a funny picture!!

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