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Buh Bye!
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Originally Posted by Terrytori
Holy Crap!

I've never met a real live Saint before.

Let he who is without scootering sin cast the first hex bolt.
(clearly vfr firefly, that would be you)

The guy goofed.

He got caught and exposed goofing.

I've been scooting for 44 years now.

I've goofed... more than once.

I've ridden with hugely profecient, gifted riders with decades of
experience who occasionally get it wrong.

A lot of you guys need to lighten the fuck up.

Good thing it was a sportbike in the oncoming lane that could get out of the way instead of a panelvan. If it were, he'd be dead right now.

He goofed.

Ride often, ride well, have fun
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