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Hi All:

I'm waiting on a stator as mine seems like it's gone. Battery has 12.29 volts before starting 11.20 at 4,000 RPM. Pulled the positive cable from the battery while at 4,000 RPM and the engine quit instantly. Checked the battery again and had 12.28 after shut down. Is there a way to check the regulator and could it draw that much power or is this a case of the stator has a short. Any thoughts. When I ordered the stator from Highland they mentioned they have a drawing of the flywheel puller, if anyone already has this, I would appreciate a copy. If not, I'll ask for a copy and pass it on to anyone else that may need it.

When checking over the bike I noticed an oil leak that's up high on the left side that looks like it's draining from the bottom of the airbox. Thought I would pull the gas tank to get a better look. Somebody at Highland spent a lot of time figuring out how to squeze every ml out of that tank, well done indeed. My question is are the connections at the fuel pump some kind of quick connect? If so, what's the trick to get these off without breaking anything. It seems like it is taking more force than it should so I figure I'm doing something wrong.

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