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Day trip to Paisley OR

12 of the BendDualsport crew decided to do a ride to Paisley OR. Half would spend the night, the other will day trip it. We all met at the south Shari's restaurant at 8am.

We took Ford Rd out through the BLM to forest road 23, then down 23 to the Green Mt lookout to see the view.

We then motored into Christmas Valley OR to get gas.

From CV, we took the famous FANDANGO CANYON RD south towards Paisley. If you like mile after mile of sagebrush, no trees, and a cattle guard jump that will kill you if you're not ready for it, this is the "road" for you. Somwhere along Fandango:

After a lost brake caliper bolt from my bike and a flat on Jimzuma's Husky, we rolled into Paisley about 3pm.

Three of us daytrippers (me, Jimzuma and Aaron) decided to head back while the others got a late lunch at the cafe. I ended up slabbing all the way home to Redmond OR (about 150 miles on a KLX400 stock seat!). My mileage for the day was 314.4 in 11 hours.
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300+ mile Paisley OR day ride
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