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Hey just a random thought. BSA drive chain. Is it some wierd brittish chain pitch? When I wrapped that 525 chain around the sprocket the pitch wasn't even close. And from what I recall a 520 and 525 is the same pitch just diff width. Maybe Im wrong. I just took a 520 off my KTM so maybe Ill take that over there today to size it up.

So what kind of chain does a BSA take?

I got the sludge trap out last weekend. After the big build up (in my mind) it was pretty anti climatic. I grabed a BIG ez-out and lightly tapped it into the trap. Gave it about 1/8 turn with a crescent wrench and the trap broke loose. Grabbed the ez-out and pulled the trap out ez as pie.

Trap really wasn't that sludgy either. A quick cleaning with carb cleaner and its nice and shiny. Still need to pull the rods off and give the crank a good cleaning though as well as the cases.

I scored myself a parts cleaner this week. A 20 gallon Harbor Freight jobby for free! The pump is cooked but that dont matter that much. Ill probablly just use it for a soaking tank. The Pump says not to use Mineral Spirits with it which is what I want to use. Soo......

Been pretty busy on the weekends with Dirtbike related projects. Helping my brother in law work on his sons KDX200 replacing a front tire and water pump seal. Plus we finially got the parts to put the top end back together on his sled so we gots to get that done before I forget how it goes together.

Good news is my 12 yr old son finially upgraded to my "old" 04 CRF250x He was riding the "little blue bastard" a 03 YZ85 that I have pretty much replaced every fricking part on last year. I am soo glad to see that bike go. Hes really cooking on the 250 now. We were at the track Saturday and I pretty much couldn't pass him. Hes not afraid to bang bars and take me down if necessary So Ive been a little busy getting that setup for him and getting it "bulletproofed" ie taking the lighting off so he wont break it all to shit.

Spent Last sunday doing 5 oil changes and air filters on CRF100, YZ85, CRF250x, KTM300XC-w, And my Vstrom 1000. Still need to do my Truck and the wifes Jeep...thats a lot of oil

Heading out to the shop latter today so maybe Ill get some pictures for yas. I want to get the parts washer set up and at least get one of the case halfs soaking. The RH case still has the tranny in it.

Ill get there eventualy
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