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Originally Posted by taco250
Can't believe nobody has started this yet. Guess I will.
Taco--thanks for starting the ride report and it was GREAT that you came to ride with us and AWESOME that you went with us all the way to Paisley!

The day started out cold, were were wearing cold wather gear and baklavas for about 2 hours!

Taco left out the pictures of the Red Head in Christmas Valley--I guess he's keeping the ADV Rider report scrubbed for the family edition. Regarding the photo below: This is all I have to say--Jim, where exactly is your right hand?

Anyway, as ususal, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures, but I'll write a little.

So...we leave CV and hit Fandango, electing to take the lower route to the east, bypassing Aaron's favorite route from last year, rocky Upper Fandango Road on the west. We ride throught the northern most portion, which is slightly rocky and somewhat twisty, where speeds are about 30-40 m.p.h. There are some free range cattle that run across the road between the riders.

We stop and regroup at the intersection where we usually head to the south and east toward Lake Albert, and get word that Taco has lost a brake caliper bolt, but that repairs are underway. Stroup jokes that he was picking up my bones from the crash I had there last year on the way to Cedarville.

At the intersection, Greg has a 13 mile alternative route that will loop back into Fandango. We decide to take the new route, only to be befuddled by the map, three different GPSs and the time. We'd explore with more time and a smaller group, so we decide to turn around and go the original route.
Now the fun begins! Greg takes off with Stroup second, and me in tow. The terrain is opening up to one of the best routes in all of Central Oregon. Speeds are picking up, there is little dust, and I see Greg along side the trail, giving me the go ahead sign, and I give chase to Stroup.

It is getting more and more open, just a few rocks in the road, mostly sandy two track. I can see Stroup ahead maybe a half mile ahead, and I wick it up. I am NOT gaining any ground. I glance at the GPS--74.7 m.p.h., and I'll bet Stroup is going faster than that. Riding simply doesn't get any better.

After 10 miles or so of this, we end up at our intersection where we agree that we'd just like to keep riding south (for days), but not today. Everyone arrived and Jimbo (KMA/Jimzuma) has a flat front tire on the mighty 610 Husky...
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