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For those who are interested in DLG, pop over to RCGroups/Handlaunch to read more.

The best way to learn DLG (if you already of R/C plane experience) is to find someone with a DLG and spend a day just learning to spin-throw, the owner pilots the plane (trust me he will be grateful). You start out just doing really wimpy throws (10 foot launches), and slowly progress up in speed and power to get to ~50-100+ foot launches in a couple of hours.

Then the next time, you change roles. You fly, the owner throws (if the owner trusts ya ).

The third time out, you do it all. Throw and fly.

After that you're on your own, and you start researching which plane to buy.

Hate to say it, but it's like crack. Very addicting Using the above regiment, we have converted many R/C guys as we call it "to the dark side".

As for those who say "Looks like to much work." I thought the same. But in actuality it isn't. The only time we break out in sweat is when it's just plain hot out. You do get a bit tired after an hour or so of flying, but by then you need to recharge the battery in the plane anyway. So you take a break, recharge battery, and bullshit with other pilots.
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