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Originally Posted by Badger278
...What I can say is that the Infinity wicks well, and is likely to be usable in moderately hot weather, but it is not mesh, and can't be expected to perform like a t-shirt either. :)

As for the Genius/Tempest, they are EXACTLY the same other than the gauntlet.
While I can understand the dislike of giving something an expected thermal range, this information even in a limited form can provide valuable insight to buyers. Even comparing it to other garments in your own line can provide help. (As a note of comparison, both Scorpion and Rukka both provide limited thermal information in their catalog for 2009. Scorpion provides temperature ranges [which are likely conservative], and Rukka has a rather hazy temperature bar, that doesn't give actual numbers, just a bar that goes from blue to red and a general indication of where the gear is expected to fall in that range.)

As for the Infinity, thank goodness it doesn't behave like a t-shirt. They're not particularly good against road-rash ;-) And while they can be cool, wind and sun burn aren't my favorites.

I am extremely encouraged with the comments on the wicking aspect of the material. It sounds that with a solid base-layer for a given expected temperature it will give users much flexibility.

The confirmation that the only difference between the Genius and the Tempest is the gauntlet sounds like I may be looking back at the Tempest for cold and wet weather gloves. My Kelvin's tend to get rather soggy in the rain, even with the waterproof liner.

With the addition of the Gore-Tex to the stable of available materials, can we (hopefully) look forward to the possibility of Gore-Tex Pro Shell Leather gear coming from Rev'IT? (And that gear coming to the U.S.?)

Thanks again!
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You can wipe off sweat, you can't wipe off road rash.
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