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Originally Posted by GSD4ME
There`s a subbie with a few big horse V8 cabover Scania`s where I work and they sound great. Beats me why he uses them to deliver groceries, they must cost a lot to run.
Just a guess, but if that subbie is an O/O he might be running the big Scanny for a few reasons. There is an argument that a bigger engine working less hard will use less fuel than a smaller one that has to work harder to do the same job. He knows that he'll get a good return on a big cabbed Scanny with a V8 too when he comes to replace it, and he might not have intended to be delivering groceries with it when he bought it. But...I am just talking out of my arse here 'cos I really don't know his circumstances!

I know a lot of owner drivers in England will spend the $$ to buy a top spec truck, then add all the extras and spend thousands more on having some fancy theme air brushed onto it - and this as their first truck! They argue that a trcuk that stands out gets them work, but I suspect it's more that they've always dreamed of owning a prticular truck and are more than happy to spend two or three times what they really need to in order to get it. Can't say I'd go the same route, but whatever makes your boat float I suppose!

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