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Originally Posted by ThePikeman
Just swim up after the first door, there is air. Then open the next door, up to get air. Swim through the door, keep left and up the stairs there. It's not that hard.
Have a strong weapon ready when getting up the stairs, there are mirelurks lurking.

I just stole Elder Lyons personal laser pistol out of his safe.
Doesn't even give you a karma loss.
I am off now to get the zhu whatever 10 mm pistol from lob enterprises. Got to fill up my collection.

Are there any other shops beside Megaton, Rivet City, Underworld and Tenpenny Tower? Those are empty of caps at the moment.
I cleared the bunker at the Mall and got 7 Sturmgewehre and 3 Jagdgewehre in perfect condition to sell.
There are some small scavenger shops scattered around; raider shops, too if you're evil like Charla. Paradise Falls had one.

No wonder the Germans have been involved in so many wars; they have such cool names for their weapons.
I'm done.
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