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Zumo Trouble

Has anybody out there had trouble with a Zumo not taking a charge from the battery. I bought it last spring and have been very happy with it. This spring, when The weather finally allowed for riding here in Canada, I took it out and after three hours or so it showed low battery. It will take a full charge when hooked up to the usb connection on the computer but will not charge from the battery on the GS1200. I even ordered a new powercord although there was no p visible damage to the old one, all the connectors have been cleaned, both on the GPS and in the cradle mount and I replaced the fuse just in case.
This is driving me crazy and I know that it would be a good excuse to buy a new Zumo 660 but the one I have is less than a year old and shouldn't have packed it in already.
Please help, Canadane
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