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Originally Posted by joho
I am very curious about your headlight setup. Do you have any more pictures?
I just put that headlight on two weeks ago. It's an Acerbis Cyclops (cost about $105), has 55W low and high beams. On low, both lights are on (two bulbs are in the larger housing), and on high, only the high focus is on. They do illuminate well, but unfortunately don't seem to aim too far. I have HID bulbs I plan on switching out, but haven't tried to get them re-aimed very much yet. The shield is pretty decent, and better than naked. The way I have it set now, wind hits me in the nose when sitting upright, but if leaned over, I dodge it completely.

The turn signals are temporary ones mounted on the shield. They're just simple $20 7 LED stick-on units from Cycle Gear. During the day, don't light as well as stock, but are much better at night. Also, being LEDs, they only drain 0.5 W, so the relay has them blinking at least twice as fast, so it makes up for the lack of brightness.

Sorry about the large size for anyone that has an issue with it, but showing the pics as big as Flickr will let me.

I wish my motorcycles had real model names for when I get asked what I ride.
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