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I like how the entire fucking press overlooks Pedro's quality start for game 2 (one bad pitch... yes one bad pitch can decide a game but he stopped the bleeding big time.). Then Lowe comes out last night and pitches through his blind rage, with excellent location all night long. Foulke gets it done. LESKANIC gets it done big. Bill Mueller, the professional, gets ahead of Riviera and ties us the game. And Tizzle spanks a good one.

Game 3 was a joke and demoralizing, but I woke up a Sox fan, put my sox hat on, and watched the game again. I won't be a fucking fair weather bandwagon Yankee fan who doesn't know shit about his ball club and just roots for them when they are in the postseason. I won't be the dickhead Yankee fan who boos his team while at home during a loss. I'll stand and scream no matter how bad we lose or how well we win. This team is a family and you must support it or go become a mindless Yankee fan.

Fuck the Yankees. Fuck them always and their schill, sell out fans.

7 wins to go.


"I always cheer when an errant line drive is fouled into the crowd at Yankee Stadium. "54,999 to go!" I shout at the screen. Then Dukegirl makes me take my medication." -VespaFitz

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