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Originally Posted by waterscm
wow joel that xr suspension is really tall, unless you are really short .....dont think so.

i was thinking of doing a similar thing with mine but after seeing that height im not sure. i like the height of the xl. but sometimes the ride is a bit harsh, also theres alot of squeaks coming from the rear shock and swing arm that unlimited amounts of wd40 dont seem to be able to cure. but the fork seals that i installed havent leaked at all in nearly 15k kms. remarkable considering that even though i asked plenty of questions and advrider and had the workshop manual i followed NONE of the advice given and did it in the way that the manual SPECIFICALLY said not to do......go figure.

whats going on with your valve timing?
Ever ride an XR650L? It's like that now but a bit shorter and more manageable.

What you need to do with your rear suspension squeaks is get a greae gun and USE IT on those grease zerks. I would really recommend taking it apart (the linkages) and scrubbing the pivot buhings out with some solvent though, because if it is squeaking, there is probably burnt-looking friction-hardened caked-on grease like there was in mine. That's what I discovered when I took out the link to put in the raising link, and it wasn't even squeaking. This is the most oft-neglected part of maintenance. I greased mine and left NC and 5k later it was like that. Finally it started squeaking a couple days ago nd my machinist and I tried greasing everything and it still squeaked. We realized we had forgotten the main pivot bushing where the biggest bolt in the whole bike is located, but it still squeaked. So off I rode, mystified. He had concluded that it probably needed to be "ridden out", and sure enough, it was gone the next time I checked it. The grease seems to have worked itself in there. SO GREASE IT!

Nothing's going on with my valve timing anymore, I put the freshly rebuild '83 dual carb head back on there. (An oem head block, valves, and and valve guides with only about 1,000 mi on it.)
But as you may have gathered from my visit to the machinist, I now have an extra XR cylinder of mine bored out with the matching wiseco 1mm oversize piston! That is because I did not have the money at the time of the head swap recently to buy the piston and do the whole top-end at the time, but now i went out on a limb and dropped all that I had on it, and it will be great to have a bike that idles reliably on it's own at the stoplights without having to apply choke. The quality of riding will improve phenomenally.

Oh yeah, GREASE IT!
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