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Originally Posted by Fubars
I picked up a rolling frame for an LC4 3 years ago. I was going to put the WP front end on a KLR650 if I could find one (dirt) cheap, which didn't happen back then. After looking at that swingarm I figured using it for anything other than a right side drive was going to be hell. Trying to flip it upside down and modifying for a left side drive would've cost some Big Money.

Good luck.
I agree, flipping the swing arm is a major operation. You would have to relocate the shock mount which is an absolutely critical part, as well as figuring out something for the upside-down brake caliper and chain guide. Way too much work, and I think it can be solved differently.

Originally Posted by mousitsas
Why would you need to flip it over to use it for a left hand drive? For example, hessler in germany (DrBIG expert) has fitted it to suzuki drBig's without too mamy modifications, other than a couple of welds for the brake caliper, if I remember correct.
Some welding will definitely be needed for the brake caliper carrier locating pin (or what ever you call that bracket that you slide the carrier on from the back). This is not the only problem though, as the carrier and caliper would be the mirror image of what you need, facing the wrong direction.

I thought about two possible solutions for this:
- Use an EXC carrier/caliper. They are left hand drive and use the same hub (20mm axle) and 220mm brake disc as the LC4.
- Use a DR650 carrier/caliper. Left hand drive as well, 20mm axle. Made for a 240mm brake disc, which can be solved by using a 950/990 disc (240mm) on the LC4 wheel (same bolt circle). This along with custom spacers was the solution for running KTM wheels on my DR.

I should still have a Duke swing arm somewhere in the garage (I assume this is similar to the LC4 one), and will try to work this out when we get our EXC back.

Originally Posted by Aussie Steve
You probably already know, but I was told the 640 motard has a wider swingarm, would make spacing the sprocket further out a bit easier. It also runs the pro link unlike the rfs ones which have the chain on the other side.
That's a good suggestion, and something I have considered as well. Always loved the idea of a swing arm so wide that it would allow 5.5" rim, as I could then also run a supermoto wheel set with the left over 180 tires from my track bike.

My concern was the material the swing arm was made of, and how I (or rather a buddy) could weld on the carrier locting pin. I know that it's cast, which makes it difficult either way. But I have also read that it is made of magnesium, can anybody confirm this?
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