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Originally Posted by Blinkerfluid
So these Tag games seem to be pretty popular, but so far they've been limited to a specific state or regional area. I thought it would be a good game to open up tagging to anywhere in North America. The idea behind this game is to Tag some of the best locations in the country. I'd like to see it go from Coast to Coast, so as such I'll post the first tag shortly on the East Coast.

Rules for this version:

#1 File photos are not allowed.

#2 Dirt is allowed; however, let everyone know that the route to the tag includes dirt roads. Also, use your judgement on placing the tag to ensure that someone else will most likely come and get it, i.e. don't turn this into the "lets see who can find the most obscure tag location in history" thread.

#3 Have fun!

EDIT: Blah! I hate too many rules, but I suppose they're necessary.

Additional Rules:

#4 Tag mascot (i.e. blockhead, chicken, etc.) is required to clame the tag. Please post your "bruced" pictures even if the tag mascot has already been taken. Tag claims must be posted within 12 hours of the 1st "bruced" photo. In the even no official tag claim is made within 12 hours, the person with the 1st "bruced" photo gets the tag and the honor of choosing the next Tag mascot. (does that make any sense??)

Rules may be modified or added later if it is determined that they are needed to promote movement of the tag.

If you don't know how the Tag game works, please review some of the other Tag games that are currently in play:

There are others as well.
Good job on #4 Blinker, and you did make it understandable.
Also glad you're keeping up with the no file photo rule.

Nice Honda twins in the photos.
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