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Originally Posted by emmaus777
Here is my '85 XL600 (along with my '08 WR250R).

I've had it about 2 weeks. The PO said it had been bored out to 650cc about 800 miles there any way to know this for sure (without a complete tear down)? If it has been bored how much oil does this engine now require? Also, The blinkers don't work at idle only when the engine is running a bit faster. Is this normal, do I need a new battery or something?

Love this bike and love this thread! You guys are great.
thats one purdy xl but i think it isnt an 85 model as they had completely black engines and not red cosmetics i think. it might be an 83 or 84? oh and the blinkers sounds like a burnt rectifier if it isnt the battery. mines doing the same after charging my phone/ipod and battery for my whole trip.
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