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Originally Posted by emmaus777
According to the VIN it's an '85. Had the blue seat, yellow stickers, Red/White/Blue wings. Here is a pictures from when I picked it up.

The PO did say it's had some engine work... though I'm not exactly sure what
ah ok, it might have the head off a red engined one as the rest of the engine looks pretty black.

how many ks? the most difficult parts to get for these bikes are probably the plastics but looks as if youve already got them sorted!

not that im an expert but i wouldnt imagine that the big bore would need much more oil, as long as you use good quality oil and change it every 1000miles or so. what changes the capacity is adding an oil cooler, mine added about 200ml so not much and i still put exaclty 2 litres in every change, but theres probably a bit left over of the old oil when i do that though.

if it doesnt have a temp gauge please get one. almost every wrecker ive been to to get parts has said that all the air cooled honda singles they get in have seized because morons have run low oil and seized them.
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