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Originally Posted by emmaus777
Thank you for the help! It does not have a temp gauge, where could I find one? Is there one you would recommend?
XRs Only (search) has a temp gauge dipstick. I ran mine hard for 5,000 miles and it ws nice to know my temperature along the way. I had a scare a couple times where I didn't have enough oil to reach the dipstick and it was getting cooler as I ran it harder and I was like, waitaminute... Oil capacity is the same for a big bored engine. It is hard to tell if the PO was just BSing, but it should be possible to fill the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole with a liquid with the piston at BDC and pump it back out and measure the volume of it to find the volume. I've never done that, don't use water if you do. Unless he had an empty box from the oversize piston and a trustworthy look in his eye, I'd say you'll have to wait a few thousand miles before you find out for sure. Heck, even an XR650L doesn't have the power of an XR600, just because the compression on the 650s sucks.

I'd be able to tell if I were to ride it for ya!
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