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Originally Posted by LDHunter
OK... I'm one of those stealth guys that might just show up ANYTIME and grab the mascot and run with it. I think it's time the Mascot Chicken takes some time to work on his tan on our excellent Florida beaches.

I'm not as familiar with the term "file photo" as some might be, and in rule number one I see the following quoted text.

"#1 File photos are not allowed."

OK... Can you please clarify what a file photo is? If you don't want to go through a lengthy explanation (who does?) here's my specific question.

I keep a bunch of photos of my bikes at cool places I've visited and I'd like to use one of those when I make a tag. Some of the orth American TOR tags are more than 12 hours from my home and I'd like to take the picture, go to an internet cafe' and upload it and then upload one of my tags from "back home".

Would these tags that I already have qualify as file photos or do you mean photos taken by others that also don't have one of my bikes in front of the tag?

$bob$ (The Confused One)

What HBurgNinja said is correct, New tag photos should be taken after the tag grab is made and should probably include the tag mascot (although I know the rules really don't say that).. Since you'd have to go place the mascot at whatever the new tag location you choose anyway, you can just take a picture then.. If you move the Tag that far, no one will care if it takes a few days.
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