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Originally Posted by waterscm
i havent heard very good things about the xrs only one. apparently it gets oil into the dial face and stuff.

mine is from a german company called RR:

on first inspection it only seems as if they do bmw gauges but they actually do all. they are probably more expensive than the xrs only ones (theyre about the same for me with shipping to australia) but ive had mine for 15000ks and its never gonw wrong and has definetly saved the engine from my idiocy.

how many ks has your new xl done?
The only problem might be that isn't yours in Celsius? I guess once we figured out the conversion rate and memorized certain temps to look for, it wouldn't be that bad, but it is a little hard to remember such things at times, especially when the outdoor temps are still going to be measured in F. I sometimes know whether or not I will need choke based on looking at my temp gauge. "Oh, it's above 50* outside..." So is it in Celsius?

Did you hear that the XRs Only gauge was getting oil in the faces from people other than myself also? I think they are using a foodservice grade custom-printed thermometers. I don't think they were meant to take high pressure hot oil, but then again, it has usually passed oil when I seemed a little high on oil. I have wondered what would happen if I were to take it apart and use some RTV in there to seal it back up. I think it uses an o-ring. I'm just going to rebuild the one I've got using another food thermometer until I get my super-duper setup. That is an acess plug welded into the oil reservoir with a temp probe in it, wired to a backlit gauge on the dash.
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