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Originally Posted by MaXYaX
Well fellas, I've done a week of commuting on my new (to me ) XL600R, and I am in love . This is my first "real" (read: street legal) motorcycle. I take surface streets to work (about 20 miles one way). I've ridden through rain, sleet, and a touch of snow. I am HOOKED! What gearing do you guys recommend for street and highway riding? (damn, I know use the "search" n00b). Anyway I love this bike.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled thread...
Welcome to the club!
I use a 40 tooth sprocket in the rear as opposed to the stock 43 tooth. There is a 14 or 15 in the front. I forget what the biggest size made for this bike in the front is- whatever it is, I've got it. Anything bigger would not clear the engine cases. That may also be the stock one for the XL up front since this was a dual-sport from the factory, the XR probably uses a 13 for offroad torque. I know with this gearing, I can do 65 comfortably without having to wind the rpms up. I sure am happy with the dual carbs on this bike, at those speeds, if I want to go 75 instead, all I've got to do is twist a little more! The high-end response on this bike is amazing, that's why they designed it with two carbs. A lot of people have tried to tell me the single carb that replaced it is superior, but after logging 5k on the single carb engine I crammed in there, and then going back to dual carbs, the favorite choice is easily dual carbs.

Welcome again, and this is also my first bike, so maybe you'll become super-loyal like me!
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