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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp
Welcome to the club!
The high-end response on this bike is amazing, that's why they designed it with two carbs. A lot of people have tried to tell me the single carb that replaced it is superior, but after logging 5k on the single carb engine I crammed in there, and then going back to dual carbs, the favorite choice is easily dual carbs.

Whats funny is that I had read this thread (and a few others on the net after my friend offered to sell me the bike). I asked him if the bike in question had the famous "dual carbs". He said, "No, I'm pretty sure it's a single" . Well, long story short, as soon as I showed up to hand over the cash and get the title, I take a look, and whadaya know? Dual carbs!

It reminds me of a chevy small block with a big four barrel carb when the secondaries kick in, I love that sound!
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