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Got some bad news unfortunately. The rolling chassis Adventure was sold this weekend.......

But I have some good news as well, I found another one and made the guy an offer. He just called me and accepted! The price was ok, and if the swap works out I can just sell the engine to somebody with a blown LC4 (they all do eventually ).... I am back in Spain for work right now, but a buddy is supposed to go pick it up today.

Next step is to figure out a way of checking if the 650 will fit into the frame. Preferably without having to buy one....

Two ideas I had:
- Call all Kawasaki dealers asking if they have an engine removed from the frame in their shop. Not sure how likely that is if it's as reliable as they say.

- Build a dummy engine, probably out of styrofoam or something else easily shaped. It won't be very accurate as I have to take measurements from an engine installed in the bike. The access for that on the Versys is decent but not enough to say for sure.

Any other ideas? Or even better, does anybody have a 650 engine in their garage?

Originally Posted by Flood
Lukas, you know that Wayne&Wes Weber did practically the same thing a few years back with an EX500 twin in a custom frame?

The new Versys engine is the logical next step in that direction. A compact, easy to get twin in a dirt-worthy package. If you really want all the headache of stuffing a motor in a different frame, by all means go ahead. It's an extremely sensible idea and the factories are offering nothing like it. Either it's heavy and road oriented (Transalp, Versys), too highstrung and service intensive (Aprilia) or too big (990, HP2).
Hi Remi,

Glad to hear I have your support! If it happens this build will take place in Vienna, so given my clumsyness I'll take all the help I can get.

I saw the Weber Rally Twin mentioned on Advrider but never really looked into it until starting this thread last week. Their thinking for a DS bike really resonates with me and is what I would try to reach. And they actually started out with a frame swap as well, which they had to hack apart, before building their custom frame. Let's hope that the new 650 will fit, according to Kawasaki it's "considerably smaller than the 500".
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