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Originally Posted by cedric
Chucker, are you saying I can't come unless my bike is orange? It's hard to find a good used one right about now it would seem. I may have to go blue again.
I saw an ad for an '02 400EXC that was street legal in B.C. the other day, it looked to be in MINT condition. I can probably track it down again if you're interested.

Waxy, are you just really fast with making babies, or do you have twins? I have a pair of boys on the way at the end of the summer, so my riding time will be very limited this fall, to say the least. From what I've been told, I'd probably rather just curl up under a tree and take a nap anyway.
Just quick on the draw LOL.

Right now I think maybe I'm an idiot, but the plan was to get it over with and have them real close together, that way I can move on to the fun part and say goodbye to diapers forever a lot sooner. It seemed like a good idea at the time...

TWINS! Your life is about to change my friend, more than you can possibly imagine. Take a good look at that bike (and any other toys you have), give it a big hug, and put as many miles on it as you can now, because "happy fun time" is going to be over for you all too soon.

Don't get too depressed though, it gets replaced with something better.

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