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Originally Posted by Beezer
The unit single Triumph is a BSA engine. The pre unit engines are even more caveman than the "modern" Brit engines. I've stuffed a couple into more modern frames & they are cool, but they are what they are. You will have a push rod engine with 2 valves, and a right side shifting 4 speed tranny with a kinda weak 2nd gear. Also there is no balancer shaft, so it can only be tuned vibe wise to one RPM.... not something for a long road haul. I've also put an A65 twin into a Yami frame.... looked way kool, but again... too heavy for the power it produces, etc.

Why waste a great frame on that? I really think a light 500/650 twin is a worthy direction to go in. There is nothing like that in the US, and there is an abundance of top flight singles already made in that range.
I was talking twins. A sweet looking BSA engine would look pretty cool. Some guy did an FZR/BSA sportbike in Australia some time ago.
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