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Originally Posted by wxwax
Oh yeah, and Ronaldo is still a dick.
I don't think the ref' was a fan either...not one fooking call

I think Wenger screwed the pooch, he went there with a weakend side and damage control on his mind...I don't think I've ever seen a side play for a 1-0 loss.
Now they need to get two past the tightest defense in the country.

If it wasn't for Almunia it could have easily been 3-0 at the half...Ronaldo fired a point blank header right at the keeper and I've no idea how that shot that rattled the bar in the 2nd half dipped so hard, it looked like it was going way over until the last few feet.

I think Utd went off the boil in the 2nd half thinking Arsenal would bring the game to them looking for the away goal in hopes of nicking one on the counter...I guess Wenger showed them

Utd need to quit fucking about and seal the Teves deal
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