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Originally Posted by AntWare
I don't think the ref' was a fan either...not one fooking call
I was delighted to see the ref wasn't buying it. Ronaldo did his usual thing: contact, pause, think about it, take another step, then stumble-run his way to the ground.

Same thing every time. He must rehearse the move.

He was like a child who didn't want to go to bed when he couldn't draw a call in the second half. Hilarious.

I wouldn't call United's defense watertight. Not lately. They're a bit of a sieve without Ferdinand, who may miss the return leg.

Not that I think Arsenal have a lot of gumption. Having watched Scolari's Chelsea teams play the same kind of toothless pattycake outside the box, I think the biggest danger to United is that they'll fall asleep.

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