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Originally Posted by iammemares
So on my new to me SMR, it has LV peipes and has been rejetted, though I do not know the detail. It has @ 1300 miles on it now.

I am fairly certain it has not been decannistered, etc. I was planning on doing that. BUT, This thing runs SO WELL. Carburates so well. Starts perfectly, idles perfectly, no flat spots. I am concerned about messing with it. I have heard these can be a bit finnicky on jetting etc. So am I missing something. Sure, it will get rid of a bunch of hosing and a few pounds, but I thought the primary reason for the work was to improve running, stalling, etc. I no gots these problems. What to do?

Decannister will not effect fueling during running at all. Helps startup, and removes hoses. Otherwise, your choice.
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