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I'd like to here more from people who have used a damper on the SM/SMR.

My understanding is it will help absorb deflections (and keep you on line)when you hit a rock or pothole, and help calm the front when really getting on it or setting it down from a wheelie. Seems like a nice safety feature on the street as well as for track days.

With the Scotts you can adjust the slow speed damping way down for the street, so you feel no drag on the bar when turning, while still maintaining the separate high speed circuit as a safety margin for when you hit something that would otherwise have taken you off line.

Originally Posted by nattyMo
Iím using the stock Scorpion Syncs. Just installed my third set. Thus some of what I was feeling last weekend may have been due to the worn tires (4500 miles on them at the time). That said I've always felt a bit of wiggle at highway speeds in traffic and I've been playing with the idea of a damper for some time now. I know Walter and a few others are using the SD fender and find the bike a bit more stable in turbulent air, I was considering that idea as well. I donít think the damper is a MUST have more of a nice to have item for the type of roads Iím on 80% of the time. Still having used dampers on other bikes I keep thinking one would be a nice addition to the SMR.
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