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All valid points, thank you.

I am not an expert rider and have limited knowledge of suspension set up. So I had a retired, national level SB racer of the same body weight set up my suspension for me. It feels great and even his opinion was that a damper was not necessary on the 950sm.

So now my suspension is sorted nicely and I've worn out my copy of Twist of the Wrist 2. Truth be told, I have not(luckily) had a situation where I needed the damper on the 950sm. Maybe I am just buying into the sales pitch and marketing.

Some folks just swear by them and say it is there to save your butt when you really need it.

I'm on the fence. They are expensive and maybe I should just spend the money on a few track days instead.

Originally Posted by Just Bob
Before you all run out and buy a damper try this. Next time it feels like its wagging its head, try moving your weight forward a bit by sliding forward and/or bending forward and lighten your grip on the bars to about as much pressure as you would use to hold a small bird, ie; almost none.

The 950sm is extra sensitive to weight positioning because of the softer suspenders. And the wide bars set you up for over controlling the front end. Like Keith Code says, the bike is doing fine - its usually the rider messing it up.

Dampers are great on dirt bikes where you ram into big rocks. On road and track bikes they are there to stop a tank slapper - not head shake which is pretty normal.

Ditto others advice on fork setup having a major effect.
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