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What tires have you guys used that you would characterize as being kind of slow- or heavy-steering? Or, at least linear in steering response.

I have a set of 950SM wheels for my SE with Pilot Powers, and the handling is way too nervous for my taste. The huge reduction in trail with the 17" front is the root of the problem, the the triangular profile of the PP is probably contributing to it. A shallower, more rounded profile would probably work better.

The Distanzia SM is the slowest-steering tire I've ever used, but it's not available in a 180/55-17 (a mistake on Avon's part, IMO). The Uly guys are using the 160/60-17 on 5.5" rear wheels with good success, but I'm not sure I want to go there.

Any recommendations on a stable-feeling sport or sport-touring tire that might help calm this thing down?

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