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Originally Posted by wxwax
We could debate that. I've seen lesser challenges whistled in the open field. It doesn't always matter if the tackler touches the ball. Red card? That's a tougher question.
Agreed...but did he deny a clear goal scoring opportunity?

I think after Fletch kicked the ball out of the way Fabregas was no longer in control of the ball, even through Fletch's follow through leg did bring him down.

Very harsh call to Red card a player out of the final...especially as that foal/penalty had no bearing on the final result.

Apart from that, Utd put in a good performance, I can't think of a player who was their weakest link, or for that matter, a player who even put a foot wrong.

Wenger was banking on the fact that The Emirates has been a fortress this year, yet they hardly tested Van der Sar.

So, what was the story with the K9 units sniffing the stands during the 2nd half?
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